Maximum insulating performance at minimum thickness.
Revivatherm spray foam has an extremely low thermal conductivity not achieved by any other conventional insulating material, saving valuable space.
Insulation of components in hard to treat areas.
Liquid installation means that critical, inaccessible or curved areas can be insulated fully, with no need for
laborious cutting and fitting.
Excellent adhesion to the substrate Revivatherm spray foam fits like a second skin and is suitable for virtually all substrates such as corrugated fiber cement, profiled metal sheet or timber boards.

Prolongs the life of buildings Revivatherm spray foam flexi rigid, robust, closed-cell foam improves the
construction and life of buildings.

Rapid installation times an experienced installation team can treat many m² of a property area a day with a foaming unit.

Safe, professional installation by our trained, qualified
installers. Certified, guarantees safe
accurate application of the spray foam.

Low material weight, Revivatherm Foam’s low weight places very little stress on components making it safer, for example, when there is heavy snow on flat roofs.

Encapsulates all high risk and hazardous materials.  Specifically  Asbestos types Amphibole Crocidolite, Amosite, Tremosite, Anthophyllite and Actinolite.  Revivatherm will provide the perfect solution to avoiding costly removal where the area can then be used with total peace of mind.
Helps eliminate infestation (no food value), controls and depletes mould and fungal growth which in turn eliminates airborne mould spores and allergens.
Eco friendly, Revivatherm reduces your carbon foot print and improves your U value.


BASF plc is certified to BS EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949: 2002 and BS EN ISO 14001. BBA Certificate No. 11/4816

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